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Experience Institute


Brooklyn Boulders


Design Researcher


2 day design sprint


  • Interviews with BKB members, staff, and founding members
  • Online research
  • Observations at BKB
  • Conversations with members and a community managers at coworking spaces
  • Visit to other fitness clubs and interviews with staff

Business Problem

BrooklynBoulders (BKB) is a hybrid coworking space that combines a climbing wall, yoga and fitness facilities, and workspace. This unique combination means BKB is well-suited to capitalize on a cultural shift towards work and wellness. BKB needed strategic business advice to leverage BKB’s unique approach as it looks to grow its presence in Chicago.


My team focused on how BKB could collect data and stories and use the learnings to build awareness about the benefits of physical activity for productivity and creativity.

Brainstorm facilitation

Facilitating an ideation session with members of the BKB community, innovators and other interested parties we created ideas based on the insights and research done previously. Some of these ideas include:

  • Lessons from the wall – Life lessons learned at the climbing wall
    • Take Time to Heal
    • Practice Humility when you Fall
    • Get up again when you are down
    • Learn how to Fall
    • Take Risks! – Falling is encouraged
    • Trust others
  • Video confessional – A place for members of the BKB community to share stories
  • Host Mobile Movement Workshops (Education Outreach)

Key Insights

From our research we learned that physical activity plays a critical role in helping people achieve the holistic wellness needed to live integrated, quality lives. There is a lot of information around the creative benefits of physical activity. Instead of focusing on outside research, BKB has the opportunity to become a thought leader on the intersection of creativity and physical activity.

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