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Project Manager


15 weeks


  • In-person interviews with project creative directors
  • In-person interviews with client (NPO) directors
  • Phone/skype interviews with clients and creative directors out of area
  • Surveys
  • Project research (Basecamp) for each of the 15 projects

Business Problem

EPIC is a nonprofit made up of advertising, design and marketing professionals. They create branding and marketing work for other nonprofits who are striving to make a difference in Chicago. There was a need to understand the experiences of creatives and clients involved in the 2014 rallies. EPIC also needed us to produce and validate a new model for their year-end event.


EPIC had completed 15 projects in 2014. My partner and I interviewed each creative director and nonprofit client in order to capture the story of each individual project. We gathered photos, assets and stories and bound them together in presentations to show the impact that EPIC has had in other organizations.

Key Insights

Along the way we discovered that though the clients and creatives loved EPIC and its work, there were small tweaks that could be made to improve the process and overall experience. One of the major challenges was that clients were often given amazing creative assets, with little to no understanding of how to implement them. Other issues focused on scheduling and time commitment. We compiled our recommendations into a report for EPIC.

To cap off this project, we held an event to celebrate all the amazing work that had been done. We created a presentation for each project, coordinated event arrangements and handled marketing efforts. You can read more about this project here.

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