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Design Researcher & Strategist


8 weeks


  • Online research
  • In-person interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • In store follow-alongs
  • In store competitive research

Business Problem

IKEA Spain wanted to sell more kitchens to consumers. Potential customers knew that IKEA was a place to purchase and design a kitchen, but it was seen more of a source of inspiration than the place to actually purchase a kitchen. They wanted affordable solutions that could be implemented within the year and still fit into both Spain and IKEA culture.


My team at Soulsight worked to design a more engaging kitchen buying process for IKEA Spain in order to increase the number of potential consumers who made it to the final step of actual purchase.

Understanding the User Journey

In order to improve the process, we had to understand the journey the user went through to buy a kitchen – both through the IKEA process and when purchasing from another location. A potential kitchen buyer goes through several steps before finally taking the steps of purchasing a kitchen.

Co-Design Sessions

We facilitated groups of individuals (future kitchen buyers, former kitchen buyers, IKEA employees, kitchen and interior designers) to ideate on the ideal kitchen buying process. We focused on ways that IKEA could surprise and delight kitchen buyers and help them through designing and purchasing a kitchen.

Key Insights

From the initial inspiration phase through the purchasing and mounting of their new kitchen there were many areas where a potential customer could get upset with the kitchen buying process of IKEA. We noted 5 major areas that could cause a potential kitchen buyer to leave and choose another place to purchase a kitchen. With these insights we created the Modelo de Frustración (frustration model). All our solutions focused on alleviating at least one of the major pain points for a consumer.

Building a more People Centered system

With our insights we built an improved customer experience that carried the consumer through each portion of the buying process.

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