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Finding a Diagnosis in Human Centered Design

  A dear friend was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Shortly after she got pregnant, she began having all kinds of chest pains. The doctors told her that it was just the fibromyalgia that was causing the pains. The pains continued. At times they were so sharp she... read more

17 hours in Istanbul

This relates my short experience in Istanbul during my layover. It is in two parts. Part 1, Change, was written in the airport while waiting for my phone. It contains my thoughts, perceptions and expectations. Part 2, 17 hours in Istanbul was written after I had... read more


I have been playing an ongoing game of charades for two weeks. I made the decision to move to Madrid and work with Soulsight for my second term with Experience institute. Not only is the work new and exciting, but it’s also in Spanish. … and my rusty Spanish is... read more

9 Ways to Fail at Goal Setting

Tonight is the last night of 2014. That means New Year’s Resolutions. Goals are powerful. They can extend our vision and move us closer to our potential. They make it easier to create plans and to prioritize our lives so that we can accomplish what we set out to do.... read more

Zaksgiving part 2 – Minneapolis and St. Paul

The plan after Thanksgiving was to drive to the Twin Cities and spend the next two days getting the VIP tour of the area, but we were having too much fun in Geneva. We decided to stay one more day. Zak’s cousin, Dusty, took us shooting on the family farm. Olenka, our... read more